Friday, March 27, 2009

Its all going downhill for Bombay...

Spent the major part of today on the roads of Bombay and I am disappointed, disgusted, terrified and shocked by what I saw. Sample this...

Lokhandwala complex... d roads have been dug up
On d way to Andheri station... d roads have been dug up
On d way to Saki Naka... d roads have been dug up

... n all this with the dreaded Monsoon season just a couple of months away. The MET department has already predicted high tides in the month of July of the kind never seen in Mumbai in many years. From what I saw today it would take a miracle to save the city from mayhem this monsoon!

But all this is some of the new mess that has been created... whats even scarier is the mess which existed 2 years back when I had left Bombay and has only gone from bad to worse in these 2 years... esp the two major chunks:

1. On d way to IIT... d roads are still in a mess
2. Times of India junction... d flyover is not even close to completion

In some 6-7 hours that I spent on the road today I am sure I ended up inhaling more dust, smoke and other pollutant matter than what I have in over 18 months spent on MDI campus.

My short visit to the lush green IIT campus provided some much needed respite but then the journey back home from IIT completely sapped me... it took almost the same time it used to take me about 3 years back... or perhaps it took even more time. I was so damn tired and frustrated that I had stopped keeping track by then. Dont know what the planners of the city are upto!

By the end of the day I had a running nose, burning eyes and severe headache.

Was almost teary eyed on my way home... partly due to the burning sensation caused by all the dust and smoke... but mainly because...

... I was worried for my city which now seems to be in a royal mess perhaps beyond repair &
... I was missing my lush green peaceful and pollution free campus! :|

God save Bombay!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Strange feeling...

So MDI is finally over for me... had a memorable Convocation ceremony on the 18th March (You can read about it here )

After a long night of packing my stuff, I bid adieu to my gorgeous campus. Lots of friends were there to bid farewell and it was an emotionally overwhelming moment... tried to keep my emotions in check but failed miserably.

Can't explain the feeling in words but it almost felt like I was leaving home never to return back.

On my return trip to Mumbai had Ronak for company... Life had a come a full circle in more ways than one - since Ronak was also there with me 2 years back when I left Mumbai for MDI.

All along the journey numerous moments & incidents from my Life at MDI kept flashing in my head. There was also a sense of disappointment since there were so many people whom I wanted to personally thank once before leaving but couldnt for various reasons (majorly my lazy nature :| ) ...

Jhaji for his scrumptuous samosas and chaai besides all the relaxing chats I had with him

Vijay bhaiyaa for serving us the mess food for 2 yrs...many a times long after the official mess timings

Many faculty members whom I respected and loved... for what they taught both inside as well as outside the classroom, some for the way they cared for me

and Lots of friends... for making d last 2 yrs so memorable & many a times tolerating/ignoring me :)

But guesss I ve missed out on this...

Finally when the time came to alight from the train... I felt really strange... I was back @ Bombay... My city... My home... but I wasn't happy or overjoyed... at the successful culmination of what has been a long cherished journey both for me as well as my family.

I was wondering... Why is it that I don't have a return ticket to MDI with me this time around ?

I am still wondering! :|

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Real Loss...

Just finished "Good Will Hunting" a really moving story. Besides many other things there's one line which stuck with me well after the movie was over. The line spoken by Robin William in the movie is:

Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself

Post the movie... ended up booking my return ticket to Mumbai. 18th is the Convocation Day and 19th March would be The Day when I pack my stuff and head back home bringing the b-school life to a formal closure.

As I saw my credit card details getting accepted could sense the feeling of Real Loss creeping through my nerves. Guess 19th March is going to be the day when I come face to face with the feeling of Real Loss... its bound to be cause I've realized I love this god damn b-school life more than I love myself.

I wish time stands still... :|

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dawn of reality...

Early morning went to nearby Gurgaon bus depot to see off one of my very special fellow ManDevIans whom I fondly call "Sanskriti Maatey".

And as I bid her goodbye could sense she was about to breakdown, which she eventually did as we drove next to her bus for some distance. Though daybreak was still an hour or so away that particular moment ushered the dawn for me... the dawn of reality.

Reality which I have been trying to run away from for so many days now.

Reality which I know I would not be able to handle for quite some time.

That moment hit me real bad and I couldn't stop getting overwhelmed by emotions. And it was bound to happen since Maatey is 1 person on campus with whom I had a strong emotional connect.

Even before we joined MDI,
just through the mails that we exchanged I could sense that she would be a really colorful and interesting person to interact with.Gradually I found that we share the same upbringing, similar value system and zest for life. I saw a part of myself in her. But then only a part it was, because it is too difficult to be Maatey.

And this I can say with great deal of confidence because in today's world its difficult to find a person as pure as she is. Honest, pure, selfless, sensitive, loving and caring person that she is I didnt spot even a hint of selfish or mean streak in her. And that has endeared her to me the most. Perhaps thats the case with most people who have been lucky enough to have her as a part of their lives.

Besides I feel it was fitting that someone so special like Maatey has made me realise that this "one long night of revelry" (as I had mentioned in my earlier post here) is finally coming to an end now.

The dawn of a new life beckons...

Thank you maatey for all the wonderful memories that you have created for me!

PS: Dawn of reality also means that I will have to start packing my stuff soon :|