Sunday, July 29, 2007

Early days in a b-school !!!

Its been quite a long time since I updated my blog .... have been tryng to update it regularly but the so called "academic rigour" of a b-school (most of which is self-inflicted ;) ) and most times the general sense of indiscpline that has crept into my life has prevented me from adding nethng even thgh there r thousand things floatng in my head!!

So have completed over a month in a b-school now .... and if anyone asks me a AajTak reporter types ques "Aapko kaisa lag raha hai ????" .....i wont be able to give any definite answer !!

Why ???

coz in general I m too confsed abt my feelings n emotions rght now .... they have ranged from extreme happiness at the time of induction for just being there .... to the general enthu about gettng heavy duty readng material in hand .... to the pain of reading them befre each class and attending classes of 90 mintes ..... to the high of fighting an election of ne sort for the first time and winning it .... to the lows of missing yr family n friends ... to the insecurities about the next lectre that you havent preread for ... or next quiz i havent prepared for ..... etc.

Now all these fall in the personal domain that is they are emotions where I am both the source and the target .... theres anther set of emotions ... of which the sources are the people and the environment around you ...... and the target is poor "YOU"!!

its quite an experience stayng so far away from your family .... with so many people whom you knw nothing abt ... who come from diverese places, cultures, backgrounds ....... and you coexost with them in an environment ... where theres no family/parental figure around you, no real frens u ve made over the years ..... you are pretty much on your own ...

each person reacts to the people n environment arnd him his/her own unique way ...... .... some are using this independence well .... some are outrageously abusing it ...... some are not too happy with it ..... some want even more of it ..... and in this you are trying to still figure out your take on the independence that the b-school life offers !!

As for the people around u .... u can see some are "MY TYPE" people ... some are outrightly "NOT MY TYPE" people .... and then there are people about whom you are as confused as you are confused abt yourself and perhaps they are cnfsed abt themselves ..... and then you goto an OB class and learn concepts of "Stereotyping", "Anchoring Bias", "Halo Error", "Self Serving Bias", "Bounded Rationality", "Personality Types" etc etc ..... which further add to the confusion prevailing in your life !!! :)

and then there are b-school parties to alleviate this whole confusion for some and to further complicate the matters for some like me ... but mre abt them later as I feel they deserve their own space on this blog!!

PS: written by an utterly confused mind trying to figure out whether to read Business Laws or Microeconomics or Statistics!! :)