Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some New Experiences - Football, Twitter, Barcamp & Classical Music

Of late afternoons have been well spent playing cricket with fellow ManDevIans on the lush green fields of MDI. A luxury I would definitely miss once out of MDI. Today as we were about to end another bunch of friends had descended on the field for a round of football.

Had a strong impulse to try my hand or rather foot at football. It was my first ever attempt at Football @ MDI and I loved it. Though some tackles got scary at times and was tentative all throughout I think I will give it a try couple more times. Besides unlike Cricket it involves lot of running so would help lose a couple of kilos too which I've been trying hard ;)

Dinner was followed by a movie "Scent of a Woman". An OKish script but brilliant acting by Al Pacino. And he made some very poignant remarks about leadership in the climax which I kinda feel needs to be reiterated time and again to keep people and institutions focused.

Post that during random net surfing ended up creating a Twitter account. You can now find me on twitter here. Am a big fan of Social Networking and take pride in using Orkut and Facebook very actively. For next few days perhaps would try and get comfortable with tweeting. Also found a very interesting website to find directions to any place.

Have some fairly new things lined up for the weekend too...

Will be attending Barcamp Delhi 6th Edition which will be hosted @ MDI over the weekend. On sunday will do some Delhi darshan during the day and attend a SPICMACAY event in the evening where Pt.Ravishankar and Anoushka Shankar would be performing.

Am quite liking these new developments and the new experiences they are/would be offering.

Adios! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Morning After...

As I woke up and sat in my bed
Staring into the vast empty spaces of my Change Masters room
I could feel an acute pain shooting through my Head

I sat there trying to figure out this incomprehensible feeling
And it took me quite a while to realize it's the "The Morning After..."
The Morning After a Night full of revelry

A rather Long Night...which lasted some 20 odd months
Complete with several mini Mornings Days and Nights in its each passing Moment

A rather Long Night...replete with moments each full of distinctive ManDevIan flavor
All of which I merrily guzzled with much fervor

Each little sip aroused an arrangement of assorted emotions

But I still wondered...
...this Hangover Effect is a result of which Concoctions

The Concoctions which I drank so merrily
Without ever wondering what the consequences might be

As I tried to figure out the causes of this groggy stupor
I could sense the Pain had already made its way and reached My Heart

And then My Heart finally spoke
"Don't worry son" he soothe my frayed nerves

And then he continued for a while...

It's the Hangover Effect of a Heady Mixture of Life
Of which you had several Shots On the Rocks
Lives of your Fellow ManDevIans served Neat with Your Own Life

But My Mind continued to wander for a while
Then it refused to admit I was up drinking all night

But My Heart was beaming with Joy
Glad that I had revelled all night

Then I slowly recognized that this Hangover Effect I really savor
And it's going to be impossible to induce it all over again

So I decided to escape This Morning After
And go back to that bloody Night

A long night replete with moments each full of distinctive ManDevIan Flavour
And indulge in that heady Concoction of Life for one last time...

Wrote this on Saturday morning i.e. "The Morning After" my last exam at MDI and dedicated with Love to All the Lives who made up this Heady Concoction!

PS: All this while I used to joke around with people who tried to change my teetotaler ways by saying "Hum to zindagi ka nasha karte hain". Its only when I sat down to write this I realized what it actually means!

The beginning of the end...

Course work at MDI has come to an end. Many a times during the past two years I wondered how it would feel when I gave my last exam at MDI. That moment came and went last friday evening. And to my own surprise I had no feelings.

Perhaps it didnt sink in at that moment or perhaps I refused to let it sink in. Anyways the convocation would be held on 18th March and many of my batchmates have already packed their stuff and left while many others are planning to do so in the next few days.

Can already sense a strange sort of feeling spreading on Campus. But I have decided that I would be here till the Convo and live the last few days of my Life at MDI to the fullest. Have got no elaborate plans as such. I guess I'll go with the flow, try and enjoy each passing moment.

And the last couple of days have indeed been wonderful. Free from pressures of classes, prereads (not that I read a lot of late for the classes ;) ), assignments/projects (haven't contributed much to these too of late ;) ) etc. four of us went to see DevD followed by a trip to QutubMinar and Chandni Chowk on Sunday. And it was one of those days which would remain in my memory for a long time. Not that we did or saw something truly spectacular but just the overall feeling was great.

Hopefully the next 25 odd days would be full of many more such days. Slowly but surely with each passing day I can sense it is sinking in.

Its the beginning of the end as they say. But I am really not too sure whether I am ready for this end and more importantly the Life after MDI...

Friday, February 13, 2009

End of Masti Ki Paathshaala... :(

Last few days of student life left at MDI now. Just 4 more classes over the next couple of days, 4 exams in the next week and it will be all over. Perhaps the last time I would be attending classes and giving exams in this lifetime.

Curtains would soon come down on the 2 of the most wonderful years of my life I have spent @ the Masti Ki Paathshaala called MDI. Last year around the same time when my senior batch was moving out I was wondering as to what the feeling would be like in the last few days at MDI.

I thought emotions would run high and I would feel terribly sad. But so far I have been confused thinking about this phase of my life. Theres some sort of heady feeling which I am still to come to terms with.

A part of me is refusing to wake up to the reality that this is THE final stretch of my MDI journey. The day I first stepped onto this beautiful campus is still very fresh in my mind and though 2 years have gone by it feels as if it all happened yesterday.

But then such is life... all good things indeed come to an end! So the focus now is to make this end as memorable as possible.

The mantra for the remainder of stay at MDI is...

Naa koi padhne waala, Naa koi seekhne waala...
Naa koi padhne waala, Naa koi seekhne waala...
...apni to paathshala, Masti Ki Paathshala
...apni to paathshala, Masti Ki Paathshala
Loose Control!!

PS: Written in a cacophonous environment at 3AM thanks to some of my friends who seem to ve Lost Control! But then I would miss this cacophony too :)