Thursday, September 25, 2008

Courses and Courses...

Into my 5th trimester at MDI and have already gone through 29 courses in the first 4 trimesters but this trimester is slightly different. There are two courses which have really captured my imagination.

One is a course called "Behavioral Finance & Business Valuation" (BFBV) taken by our very own "fundoo professor" Sanjay Bakshi.

And the other one is "Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness" (LME) taken by Prof. Asha Bhandarker who is a renowned expert in this area.

BFBV is a course in which Prof. Bakshi challenges the way we think about the world in general and field of investments/business valuation in particular. He introduces brilliant mental models which have been used by the likes of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger to reap rich rewards. If properly internalised and then practised these models have the potential of completely redefining the way we approach life not just the field of financial management.

While BFBV focusses more towards the way we deal with the outside world LME shifts the focus to self. A course which forces you to think and think about your real self. Understanding your own self is the first step of leadership and its been a privilege to get invaluable insights on this from maestros like Dr. Pritam Singh and Asha ma'am.

Yesterday went through a unique exercise called "Directed Day Dream" about which I was initially a bit skeptical but by the end of the 3 hour session I was astounded as to how accurately that exercise had revealed my inner self some aspects of which only I am aware of. It was an absolutely brilliant experience!

MBA is making sense in an altogether different way now & needless to say "I'm Loving it!" :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time flies....

Past one month has been a hectic period in life. As I sit back @ 4AM on a Sunday morning and reflect I realized that so much has happened since I last posted here.

Exams preponed
Long break in the offing
So many plans
Home & home food
Plans go for a toss
Surprise family gathering
Back to Campus, classes & mess food
So many activities to do so less time
Good subjects
Brilliant Profs - one "Fundoo Professor" (more about him soon)
Heavy rains
Fever & cold
Sleepless nights
One party
Friends off to far off lands
New friends from far off lands
Awesome weather
This blog post :)

Time flies!!

Time to sleep!! :)