Thursday, May 29, 2008

My love affair with MDI ... renewed!! :)

On an arbit morning few days back .... the campus wore a "wet n fresh" look after a rather long spell of rains ... me and my friend Sumanth who too is damn passionate about photography .... went around the campus with our cameras. And since we had nothing else to do that day we took our time looking at the campus the way no one else had till date.

And here I am with the proofs of that gorgeous day when I pretty much renewed my love affair with MDI!! :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rain Rain please don't go away! :)

When we were kids we used to recite a nursery rhyme:

Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Another Day
Little Johnny Wants to Play!!

But many years down the line at this stage of life when it rained a few days back @ Gurgaon in middle of Summers I changed that nursery rhyme to suit my feelings (though the last line kind of proves that I am no good at poetry :) )

Rain Rain please don't go away
Keep falling through the day
It Makes me feel as if I am in Bombay!! :))

Actually like everyone else here, even I was expecting sweltering heat during the month of May i.e. the time when summer is usually at its peak in this part of the world. But of late surprisingly the weather has been overtly kind to us. Every other day we have a "aandhii" i.e. storm (which fills my room with loads of dust :( ) and then rain which forces the mercury down in a big way. These rains in midst of a summer which was beginning to hot up have been a real pleasant surprise.

The other day it rained just after I had finished my breakfast and since I am "working from home" I had the liberty to go out there and enjoy the rain by going on a walk around the campus getting completely drenched. This while the other summer interns staying @ Change Masters were all dressed up in formals waiting for the rain to stop so that they could go to work ;)

For the past few days we have had rains every evening and yesterday we had pretty heavy rains. Thanks to the overnight rain t
he weather today morning was reminiscent of Bombay during monsoon season. Overcast skies giving a gloomy feel. The wet and cold air. Wet buildings, wet roads, wet trees with leaves looking bright green after being washed by the continuous rains. Slight drizzle threatening to transform into a full fledged shower. Ahhh so so beautiful ... the kind of weather I have fallen in love with after having stayed for 20 odd years @ Bombay!

The only glitch being that here you dont get "Bhuttaa" on the road side nor can you enjoy a plate of "hot pakodas/vada paav/samosa pav" with "masala chaai", to enjoy this weather to the fullest! :(

But anyways I dont mind this break from summers at all .... may this weather continue for a couple more months.... if not for anything else at least for making me feel as if am back in Bombay! :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Social Networking site proves "Yeh Duniya Gol Hai"!! :)

Don't believe me?? The other day while random "orkutting" came across a scrap from someone in one of my friends scrapbooks who remotely resembled one of my long lost friends. So I just dropped a scrap to him and here's how the story went thereon:

I hope you are the same ole Mr.XYZ classmate from IES !! if u r .. then lemme ask u cple of questions ... where ve u been dude ... me n parag had been wondering where u r nowadays!! the last time we met was when u came to parag place in yr sumo and dropped me at my place!! also is the kid in the album ... junior Mr.XYZ ???
My Friend:
Bingo !!! i am the same Mr.XYZ...I have been travelling a lot hence havent been able to catch up with you guys...currently i m in Delhi & doing very good by god's grace...the kid in the album is my nephew... :-)
bhai i m in gurgaon :) ... completed first year of my MBA at MDI Gurgaon ..... right now summer internship on in Gurgaon itself!!where r u based in delhi ????
My Friend:
Buddy, i m in Gurgaon as well...My office is in Infinity towers opp.ship building, DLF phase II... lets catch up if possible......
haaahaaahaaaaaa ... guess what office is opposite the ship building too .... right behind Genpact .... Building No.8 mein ... ........ yeh duniya gol hai bhaaai!!
My Friend:
Buddy even i am in building no.8. You have my number now, give me a call. I m in office generally by 7 PM....
haaaaaaahaahaaaaaa....... i hope the coincidences end here!! ...

And this is how thanks to Orkut I found one of my friends whom I hadn't been able to trace since a couple of years & that too with the help of few scraps in a couple of days time.

What more we realized that he and I goto work in the same building each day. Its a small world which we live in after all. :)

Orkut Roxx!! :)