Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things I did in April'08 and Things I plan to do in May'08

Had made big plans for the summers on the night of 31st March so I thought today would be the right time to take a stock of what have I done during one month of my summer break :)

- have hit the gym (finally the new year resolution being put into practice :) really happy about this)

- traveled to Jaipur for couple of weekends, visited loads of temples thanking god the for the wonderful one year and praying for an even better second year

- started playing PacMan ... and playing it pretty well now, can hit 50K scores on regular basis :)

- some college work as a part of my Council Job, also got the Council Room cleaned finally

- attended a CII Annual Conference (where I saw the two power centers of the country - PM & Soniaji in person in a matter of couple of hours besides all the gyaan I got from Sunil Bharti Mittal, K V Kamath, Kamal Nath, Dr.Trehan and co. :) )

- watched few good movies ... The Kite Runner, Runaway Jury, Sleepless in Seattle etc

- started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

- lots of orkutting

- shared loads of gyaan with the MDI aspirants on PaagalGuy

- shared loads of gyaan with my own batchmates on MDI mail :)

- tracked down a long lost friend

What else ?? hmmm...nothing much besides this. So what else have I not done yet ?? here's the list:

- made library visits a part of my daily routine :(

- contacted good ole friends

- read 1 good book a week (have read just 1.5 books if I aggregate all the reading that I have done and that too includes books on Supply Chain Management :( )

- watch couple of really good classic movies a week

- watch couple of series like the HIMYM, LOST, Heroes, Prison Break which are such a rage with my batch mates

So 1 more month to go to put these things into action too. Lets see if am able to do it.

I guess I did not factor in the Summers into my calculations earlier ... but now with the temperatures soaring each passing day guess the cool confines of Library would become automatically tempting. :) So there's hope at least for one thing which I haven't done so far ;)

PS: did I forget something called as "Summer Internship" here ?? Naaah.... am on a Summer Vacation :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One Battle over but another resumes!!

30th March was the last day of first year of my course at MDI. The response to this milestone in our lives at MDI was a subdued one. Immediately post examination people got busy with packing their bags to set off for their homes/respective locations for summer internship. Many seemed rather too eager to get out of the campus and within a couple of hours their was flurry of activity outside the Change Masters and by evening the hostel wore a ransacked look with rooms vacated, essentials dumped into common cloak rooms and the unwanted stuff lying around all over.

The Change Masters normally buzzing with life all times bore a post war look and I suffered philosophical pangs of the kind the great emperor Ashoka endured after the war of Kalinga. :)

But soon had to get out of this mood as I realised that even though I was going to spend my summers@Change Master, I still had to pack my stuff and shift to a new room. Post the shifting which took few hours, a sense of emptiness set in as had nothing to do, nobody I could go and purposely disturb and the reverse.

It was then that I realised that this "dream b-school life" of no worldly worries that I was leading for 10 odd months was about to be broken albeit temporarily. Yes i had to step back into the big bad corporate battlefield in a days time. Was really looking forward to this like some of my friends who haven't tasted it yet were/are?

Don't have a definite answer. A part of me has "the been there done that" attitude and wants me to just run away from here and so that I can avoid stepping into the "real" world.

But at the same time another part of me wants to go out there again and see for myself whether this past 10 odd months of effort is going to put me in a different position in the Corporate world from where I left it.

So its with these mixed emotions that I goto bed tonight. Tomorrow morning 10AM I report to work. Hopefully the next two months will be challenging, rewarding ones and will help clear a few doubts that I have in my mind.

Good luck to all "Change Masters" ready to rock the Corporate World this summer. :)