Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In very simple terms it means a "Lucky accident".

And it was a lucky accident that I ended up watching "Serendipity" the movie yesterday evening. What a simple n beautiful movie.... one of the good ones that I have seen in a long time. Has a classical bollwood romantic movie touch to it. Had liked John Cusack in "Runaway Jury" too and after "Serendipity" I can say that I have developed a liking for his acting. BTW heres the soundtrack of the movie:

Moving on.... the movie actually got me thinking.

Many months back one Prof at MDI had narrated how serendipity had played a major role in his life in getting him where he is. And on giving it a serious thought I realized that how serendipitous even I have been so far in life (though not in my romantic life as shown in the movie ;) )

At core I too firmly believe in the concept of destiny and fate. Coz if it wasn't for fate I am sure I wouldn't have been where I am right now and perhaps the online world would have been spared of some clutter.

But then when I look at it from another perspective questions pop up in my head. If its all destiny and fate then why am I majoring in a discipline of management called "Strategy" :

And as of now I cannot say for sure that this too is a "Lucky accident". :D

Today's fortune...

Of late have been kinda hooked to the "Today's fortune" thingy on Orkut. Had even posted on the same recently, in fact it was the post prior to this one.

Todays fortune is really special. It says "When winter comes heaven will rain success on you"

This winter is sure going to be one of the most important winters of my life probably a life changing one at that and will need heavens to be on my side. So the today's fortune statement is a very soothing thought. Just hope that at least this one turns out to be true. ;)


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Orkut fortune..

9th August:
Orkut fortune says "You are going to have a very comfortable old age".

How comforting especially when life right now is not very comfortable!! :|

10th August:
Orkut fortune says "You are going to have some new clothes".

Seriously need some new stuff but am out of money. :( Wish some one would gift me some stuff on my soon to come birthday! :)

11th August:
Orkut fortune says "
Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life".
Hmmm...maybe I do need to introspect about my outlook on life coz of late the happy moments in life seem to have reduced drastically or perhaps I am not able to spot them or revel in them anymore.

This blog is a reflection of my life at most times and I guess the last 8-10 posts have made it obvious that have not been exactly happy with life.

Guess its high time that I change the outlook of this blog. Perhaps that will also help change the outlook on life in general. :)