Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kyaa mausam aayaa hai ... :)

Today was a perfect day. Just through with exams so nothing much to do on the academic front. The cold has vanished and the weather is just perfect right now. Wish this kind of weather stayed for most of the time. Life would be so beautiful then :)

Felt great to stroll around the campus after lunch having an ice cream. Late afternoon decided to check out the flowers on full bloom all across the campus.
Tried to take some good snaps by being patient and focusing on creating depth of field effect in some pics and succeeded at that, felt really happy about it. But really wished if I had a SLR Cam I could do much more. Anyways heres a collection of snaps I clicked today :

It was really relaxing to just stroll around the campus and watch nature in its full glory. At the same time it also made me reflect that in our daily lives we tend to ignore our surroundings to such a huge extent. We rarely notice the chirping of birds, clear blue skies, gentle breeze, natures splendor.

Even I paid such attention to my campus in particular and nature in general after a long time and honestly the sight of flowers in various stages of their growth, bees carrying out the pollination process right in front of your eyes was well worth the effort.

Well moving on ... in the evening played badminton for a couple of hours by the end of which surprisingly felt really high on energy instead of feeling exhausted. Was really hungry and so post dinner went out with friends and rounded of the day with an ice cream scoop once more :)

All in all really great day.....just about perfect!! :) May God have mercy on us and let this weather continue for a longggg time to come.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Proud moment for MDI!!

Just felt like sharing a really proud moment for MDI and we all ManDevIans ...

Two teams from MDI have done us all proud and "tasted the success" at the PepsiCo "Taste the Success" Contest open for just select few top b-schools of the country (check out PepsiCo Taste the Success Contest)

The super Trio of Anand Mohan Sharma, Supreet Kaur and Anand Trivedi from PG07 i.e my batch have won the first prize in the contest. Guess whats their prize ..... they will soon be flying to New York to present their analysis to none other than the PepsiCo Chairperson, Indra Nooyi regarding the way ahead for PepsiCo. :) :)

Trio of Bikram Deep Singh Pannu, Ankita Chopra and Arindam Pal from PG06 i.e. senior batch bagged the second runners up spot in the same contest.

All 6 of them have also secured PPIs from PepsiCo. :)

Here are some pics of the Super 6:

Proud to be a ManDevIan!! :))

Entrepreneurship gets a push at MDI!!

19th Feb 08 will perhaps be a landmark day in the history of MDI,
with the foundation stone laid for “The S.P. Kapur Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship”.

Mr. Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro India was the Chief Guest for this ceremony. Director of MDI, Dr. Sujith Basu and Mr. Surinder Kapur were also present. For the uninitiated, Late Shri S P Kapur is the father of Mr. Surinder Kapur who is the Chairman of SONA Group.

This Centre is poised for huge success with lots of students on campus showing keen interest in taking the entrepreneurial route. We already have a senior from Class of 2007 who had opted out of placements and he is operating his venture from campus which is in the take off stage.

The Centre will provide a more formal way to support entrepreneurs like him. Some fellow ManDevIans are all ready to start their venture on campus soon which will be supported by this Centre once its up and running.

The vision laid out for the Centre is a very unique one and I am sure you will hear a lot about this Centre in the years to come.

Here are some pics of that day:

You can find related news articles on MoneyControl , MBAUniverse - one, two and three.


PS: Sanjay Kapur, the man whom Karishma Kapoor married is the son of Mr. Surinder Kapur too and ya she was there on campus too adding to the beauty of the campus

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its that time of the Term again :)

3rd trimester halfway through and its Mid-term exams time.

Yes the time when the "Change Masters" for once goes silent, no "bhasssad" going on in the mess too, no hanging around doing nothing around campus. People have a no nonsense approach at the dinner table courtesy which the dinner which usually takes good 30-40 minutes is polished off in matter of few minutes.

Its that time when the resource and time manager inside every ManDevIan who are otherwise dumped deep within come to the fore. All the pre reads that should have ideally been done during the term are now being looked into at frenetic pace.

Theres a mad rush for notes made by one of the mose sincere souls on campus who is fondly called "dadduu".... who I believe can make a business out of this and earn big bucks... which the other day in an entrepreneurship event some guys actually tried out and made a cool profit on their investment by selling his notes on a premium :))

"Gyan Griha" our library which otherwise is given step motherly treatment on campus by PGP students now gets all the attention in the world ala a girlfriend on valentines day ;)

Many "cool" people who otherwise would consider it "utterly uncoool" to be seen with a book in their hands .... now vainfuly try to explain that they were just chatting in the library and they didn't study a word ... as if studying was a crime ;)

If I were to summarise the mood through some bollywood stufff ... then on normal days the background score would be :

and now the score would be :


... n there are some souls who though not dyslexic but still very much like the adorable Ishaan in the second part of the above song ... enjoying the ohhh so rare solitude n silence in the hostel by doing what they newayz do most of the time i.e. sleeping in peace, watching movies/cricket/football, reading novels ... blissfully unaware of all the "ghissu giri" going on in the library!!

Coz they believe in the eternal truth of a b-school, the guiding mantraa of every b-schooler... "Relative Grading Roxxx!!" :))

P.S: and then there are others like me too who are even more vela and so end up busy updating their blogs with some stupid posts like this one ;) ..... chalo let me also read something about Layout Design, Fiscal Policy, Core Competencies, Mechanistic Organizations, Qualitative Research, IS planning and Capital Budgeting :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan!!

Walks on campus is a pleasure on most days, in spite of the cold weather. More so nowadays with flowers of various hues and colors blooming in possibly every nook and corner of the campus. Theres no sight as beautiful as that of blooming flowers with dew drops on their petals and the campus right now thanks to all the hardwork of numerous faceless "maaalis" on campus offers plenty of such beautiful sights.

One of my classmates who owns a pretty sleek Digital SLR clicked a few snaps of these sights some days back which I am sharing here

..... these pictures cannot describe the real beauty of the sights on display .... for that you will have to pay a visit to my campus. :)

P.S: "Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan" was also the name of a very popular T.V serial aired on DoorDarshan hosted by Tabassum from 1972-93. It was the first ever and the most popular movies based talk show of its time. She had even floated an entertainment company few years back which had failed to take off. Read about the company here.

Monday, February 04, 2008

"Lutyens Delhi" rockss!!

I had mentioned this in one of my earlier posts as well that weekends can get really boring at times on campus ... with all the NCR junta heading for home ... hostel wears a deserted look and there is sudden silence after all the cacophony throughout the week.

But last weekend was a different one for me. A Mumbaikar friend and I headed for Delhi with one of our Delhiite friends. We had pursuaded him to arrange tickets for the Republic Day which he eventually did on the very last day. 25th Night we headed for Delhi ...and suprise surprise .... we were expecting a longish journey due to barricading for security reasons, it being the R-day eve. But to our relief initially and shock later (we thought that Delhi Police had forgotten that next day was R-day :) ) there was not a single place where our vehicle was stopped ..... and we reached the heart of Delhi in flat 25 minutes ... a journey which otherwise takes 2 hours and now with the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway problems even 3-4 hours at times.

Got up early morning and we headed for Raj Path ......on the way we realised that the entire area was like a fortress ..... there was security all along the way in every nook and corner .... I have no qualms at saying that I hadn't felt as safe in public as I felt that day ;)

Newyz ... the Parade was an awesome experience despite of the chilly weather .... watching the Jawans parade in total sync and all the weaponry and floats etc was a great experience.... sort of one of something I had dreamt during childhood .. when I used to get up in the morning even though it was a "No School" day to watch the parade and get overawed by the grandeur of it all.

But the best experience came in the later part of the day that is evening when we strolled around on RajPath for couple of hours waiting for the sun to set. One the sun set ... the sights that unfolded cannot be described in words ... the lit up India Gate, North Block, South Block, Parliament and the biggest of em all the Rashtrapati Bhavan ......... loooked simply stunning ... all lit up. We went right till the gates of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and just sat there for an hour soaking in the grandeur of the various buildings on easily the most important road in India "The RajPath". Lutyens and Herbert Baker the architects have sure done a stunning job.

.... we also visited the Lodhi Gardens that day ... and the next day went to Connaught Place the most happening of places in Delhi ...... it was early on Sunday so the Central Park was quite empty ..... I also had my first taste of the much acclaimed Delhi Metro from beneath the Central Park to get back to MDI!!

Heres a compilation of pics :

by the end of the weekend ..... the grandeur of the structures ... the history associated ...... the sense of space which is terribly lacking in most parts of Bombay .... the mix of 16th Century Bada Gumbad of Lodhi Gardens and the 21st Century Delhi Metro .... bowled me over.

"Lutyens Delhi" rocks for sure!! :)