Sunday, May 03, 2009

That lazy feeling...

Its been over a month since I came back from MDI and its been spent pretty much doing nothing. Days have been spent reading 3 newspapers in a matter of couple of hours ( :) perhaps I am compensating for d 2 years at MDI when I hardly read a couple of pages of news ) , social networking, watching d coverage of Elections on various news channels besides the odd interesting IPL/Champions League encounter... all play and no work has made me a really dull man!! :))

As for this blog had lot of stuff on my mind... memoirs from a trip to The City of Joy, memoirs from Life at MDI, dissection of Indian politics, analysis of the strong leader weak leader argument, my views on the low voter turnout in Bombay and a lot more.

But then I was down with the good old procrastination syndrome. Will surely complete these long pending posts soon.

Until then!

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Antonio said...

Hi Ramswoop, Greetings from Germany. As we have no more contact, I was on search about some MDI news and found your blog. Yeah, thinking back MDI time was even for me a emotional experience and I would not like to miss it. In memories, Yours Antonio, Wuppertal.